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About The Practitioner

Now it's time to tell you about me.  Hmm, where do I begin?  Well, first off my name is Christine Cosby and I am a licensed massage therapist. My license # is 6748.  Why did I become a LMT?  I originally thought about becoming a nutritionist because of my passion for food and how it helps heal the body.  After much thought and prayer, I decided that I wanted people to leave me happy, so I became a massage therapist.  I trained at the Connecticut Center for Massage Therapy in Newington,CT and graduated in April of 2011, passed my national boards, and received my license in May 2011.  I love helping people feel better and reduce pain.

I learned about Bowen therapy from my naturopathic doctor back in April of 2014.  I started to have regular sessions shortly afterwards and have loved the tremendous benefits (much less low back pain).  After not being able to massage for 2 years due to health issues and an injury from receiving a deep tissue massage, I decided it was time to learn Bowen therapy so that I could expand upon my massage degree.  It took me roughly a year to earn the certification.  I became certified in September of 2016 from the Bowen Therapy Academy of Australia!

So, now I help people live healthier lives with holistic therapies that help bring bring the body into balance.  I help people balance their diet by adding  Juice Plus (30 whole fruits, veggies,& berries in capsules and soft chews ~> a wonderful and easy way for your kids to eat more produce and its free  for kids 4 thru college undergrad ~ you can learn more by clicking on the blue link) to their diet and restore balance to the systems of the body with Bowen therapy.  I truly believe the body has the ability to heal itself if given the proper nutrition and the right to heal itself, which Bowen allows it to do.

 I also have a love for gardening(mostly perennial and vegetables are grown in my tower garden ~> aeroponic growing system for indoor/outdoor growing)

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